Electric Scalp Massager, Therapy Hair Growth Comb


Electric Scalp Massager Blue Red Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb Magnetic Head Massage Brush Cordless Hair Brush Relieve Fatigue

Electric Scalp Massager Blue Red Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb Magnetic Head Massage Brush Cordless Hair Brush Relieve Fatigue


Model 1, No Screen
3 Modes: Vibration massage mode, vibration + red light mode, vibration + blue light mode for different needs. Massage scalp and head, nourish hair, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress by using this hair brush.
Users Friendly Design: One button operation for convenient using, hand shank for comfortable holding, 28 soft massage comb teeth for durable use, massaging head for better blood circulation.
Strong Functions: Long-term usage reduces hair loss, relieve the symptom of headache and dizziness.
Portable & Efficient: Compact design in handy size, this comb can be carried along for using anywhere and anytime. The gentle bristles are made for all hair types: fine, medium, and thick.
Light Therapy Technology: Comb hair while promoting scalp blood circulation, making you more comfortable. It helps to reduce frizz and bring back smoothness and shine to your hair instantly.

Material: ABS
Power supply: USB
Gear: 3 gears
Using frequency: 2-4 times per day
Using time: 3-4 hours
Charging time: 4 hours
Item size: 18×4.2cm
Color: white

Package Content:
1 x massage hair brush
1 x USB cable

Model 2, LCD Screen Display
1. Red and blue light can penetrate the epidermal cells, reach the root of hair follicle, nourish the hair root deeply, relieve the pressure of head, inhibit the secretion of oil, prevent the blockage of pores, and make the hair root strong and smooth.
2. 5 modes and 9 gears can be adjusted, and the mode and gear can be changed according to their own situation.
3. 26 soft massage contacts and magnet physiotherapy can massage the head, promote blood circulation, and high frequency vibration can promote hair growth.
4. LED large screen display, working gear and mode, at a glance.
5. Conduct the current to conduct the static electricity on the hair to the ground to effectively remove the static electricity.
6. Memory off gear, next boot do not need to reset, greatly improve efficiency, save time.
7. USB large capacity lithium battery, convenient charging, long life.

Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 450mAH
Using time: approx. 3 Hours
Vibration frequency: about 6600RPM
Magnetic field: about 5300GS
Working mode: Red light, blue light, magnetic therapy + vibration, magnetic therapy + vibration + red light, magnetic therapy + vibration + blue light
Gears: 9
Mode: charging display: the red light flashes when charging, and the full red light is always on
Line length: 94cm ± 2cm

Package Include:
1 x Hair Comb
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


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