Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker


Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker with 3D Surround Sound, 360 Degree Rotation for Desk Decoration.

Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker with 3D Surround Sound,360 Degree Rotation for Desk Decor


Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Selling Point

1 Design inspiration: universe, space station, spaceship.

2 The artworks of the universe, get rid of the shackles of traditional crafts and pursue new agility.

3 Stay away from dust and noise, close to nature, feel nature, and blend into nature.

3 Space application, technology floating, automatic rotation.

4 Lossless Bluetooth audio, listen to the vast universe.

5 Change the stereotype and dullness of the office, and play a role in making the dragon clear.

6 Smart technology, mysterious lighting, let your thoughts travel in space.

7 Creative shape and metal texture bring unlimited inspiration.

8 Charming gradient colors, different angles, showing different colors.

9 Instantly upgrade the space level, making the overall decoration atmospheric.

10 There is not only the sense of technology, but also the mystery of the universe.

Product Details

1 Precise car paint technology, chameleon, enhance the mysterious color.

2 Environmentally friendly plastic material, high-quality ABS raw material, does not change color or deformation.

3 The overall texture texture, the style of the metal space station.

4 Spaceship-style audio, listen to the sound of nature.

5 The sound emits light, like a spaceship flying in the sky.

6 The red light on the base illuminates the lighthouse of the space station.

7 The surrounding blue lights are as mysterious as a portal, leading you to find a new world.

8 Exquisite gift box packaging, showing noble temperament.

Parameters Table

1 Name Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

2 Model 001

3 Material ABS, NdFeB, copper wire, pure iron,

4 Specifications and dimensions Base diameter 18CM

Ring diameter 28CM

Speaker diameter 9.5CM

Speaker height 9.5CM

5 Speaker connection mode Bluetooth connection

6 Product net weight 1300g

7 Product gross weight 2200g

8 Packing size 30*30*20CM

9 Light type: main body is blue, base is red (color can be customized)

10 Power input AC100-240V

Output DC12V/1000mA

11 The power adapter defaults to the US standard (if certification is required, an additional certification fee is required)

11 Power 2.6W

12 Packing method Tiandi box with pearl cotton

13 Adaptation place Home, office, shop window

14 Packing specification 95*32.5*43.6CM, 6 sets per box


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